• Complete non stop set

Individual tracks

  • Escape from the World
  • Through the Nebula
  • Outer Space
  • Jamaican Beach
  • Flight
  • Bombay Dreams
  • Deep Sea
  • Sunset in the Desert

Illegal Illusion • June 1st 2014


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Illegal Illusion is the debut release by Alex Nikiforoff, an electronic music artist from California, USA. This album is a theatrical electro-symphonic fusion of downtempo, psybient, and trance featuring electronic and acoustic instruments. It starts slow, gently lulling you into a trance-like state before taking off on a sonic journey though an unusual and non-standard blend of styles with significant influence from old school synth music. Produced by EFR, mastered by Bob Katz (Digital Domain Studios), and with artwork by Gabriel Welch.


  • Escape from the World - Opening theme slow and mellow meditation setting up the mood for the sonic trip

  • Through the Nebula - Our sonic journey starts in far out space in the depth of mind

  • Outer Space - What goes up must come down. We return back to earth

  • Jamaican Beach - a Reggae theme

  • Flight - Have you ever experienced the thrill of free flight

  • Bombay Dreams - Tribute to India the home of Goa Trance

  • Deep Sea - Journey through the deep waters. Featuring a real whale

  • Sunset in the Desert - If you ever slept under the stars of Utah desert - you will understand

Performed by Alex Nikiforoff
Produced by EFR
Mastered by Bob Katz @ Digital Domain studios
Artwork by Gabriel Welch @ Welch Brothers Art

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