• Story of Lives
  • The Final Ride
  • La Fenice
  • Life After Birth
  • Edge of Time
  • The Tightrope Walker
  • Pale Blue Dot
  • Mirror Maze

Story of Lives • December 1st 2019


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Story of Lives is a "sci-fi" song that opens this techno opera album. The song is about two people trying to meet each other over the course of infinite number of lifetimes. The music is pure electronics. The vocals vary from pop to operatic pop depending on the feeling.

EFR is a San Francisco based project that produces contemporary electronic with a lot of influences from other genres. On top of that they bring powerful vocals with strong melodies and meaningful lyrics.

"Story of Lives" is a set of images of how people perceive life: a unique mix of philosophy, allegories, reflections.

"Story of Lives" was born in San Francisco in 2015. It happened when Max listened to a couple of Alex's albums and markedly reluctantly invited him to join forces and really do something else.

Together they started combining strong melodies and lyrics, contemporary electronic techno music,operatic vocals into the experience that is both familiar and new at the same time. Then those two went on a quest to find one of the most beautiful voices on the planet, and with Susanna they recorded their unique album "Story of Lives".

The album was mastered by Bob Katz at (Digital Domain Studios), and with artwork by Jef Brown.


  • Story of Lives - a sci-fi search for another person that spans an infinite number of lifetimes.

  • Jack - a semi-open for interpretation allegory about life and some generalized anthropomorphic agent that tries to administer our experiences in life.

  • La Fenice - the bird (Phoenix) habitually gets burned down to ashes and then born again and again.

  • Life after Birth - two twins arguing in their mother's womb whether there is life after birth. Both have no clue, but it is easy to jump into conclusion that one of them is right.

  • Edge of Time - the guy is apparently at some important moments in his life and thinks hard about many things at once.

  • The Rope - an allegory about life as a tightrope between past and future. Of course, the tightrope walker falls off in the end.

  • Pale Blue Dot - astronomical imagery about life on Earth from a distance, a tribute to Carl Sagan.

  • Mirror Maze - more or less techno-trance composition about how fake our life can become. By the end of the album it is easy to lose control and say something pretty straightforward.

Music by Alex Nikiforoff
Performed by Max Glass, Susanna Ketron
Produced by Max Glass and EFR
Mastered by Bob Katz @ Digital Domain studios
Artwork by Jef Brown

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